Varsity Sports Summer Series Finale

August 1, 2015 | Comment


Race four, the finale, of The Varsity Sports Summer Series was held Wednesday at Varsity Sports in Mandeville, LA. The theme for the 2 mile race was “Elvis Lives.”

I was worried about the weather for this race since the heat index was 121 degrees at 3:00pm. When arrived at the race at 6:00pm I quickly realized the heat would be the least of our worries. The sky to the east of us was completely black and the wind was blowing. On the bright side it cooled down a lot.

I was excited to have my high school cross country teammate joining me for the race, but I don’t think she was happy with me when the rain drops started.11825650_10100364175072235_2550248700894150192_n

We had a slight drizzle but a lot of wind at the start of the race. I thought I would feel a lot better with the cooler weather but I felt so heavy from the foot long Subway sandwiched I devoured two hours before…….and maybe some M&Ms too.

Even through the light rain and sandwich belly I finished the first mile in 7:09. Right as I started mile 2 it started pouring. My shoes were soaked within a few seconds. I was glad I wore a hat because my contacts would have floated right out of my eyes.

I did the best I could considering and was keeping a 7:40 pace.

I always wondered what the neighborhood residents thought when we ran past their houses in costumes for previous races. They surely thought we were insane running through wind, lightning, and rain.

Finally I finished in 14:50. Not too far from my non-rain time two weeks prior.

It was still raining so we made the best of the post run activities and huddled together under the tents. I wish I had more pictures but well…….blame it on the rain.


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