Varsity Sports Beer Mile & 7th Birthday Celebration

August 11, 2014 | Comment


Varsity Sports Mandeville celebrated its 7th birthday this week culminating in the Birthday Beer Mile. The race was held Saturday evening at the Covington Brewhouse in downtown Covington.

The race day registration and beer station were held outside the brewery. Michael Ogden, of the Covington Brewhouse, gave tours and samples of beer to the runners while we were waiting for the race to start. Of course my husband volunteered to accompany me to this race and had more than a few samples.


The Beer Mile had three divisions: all Women, Mixed, and all Men. Each team had four runners. The rules were to drink your beer as fast as possible then run 400 meters. You had to tag your teammate in order for them to start drinking their beer. The beer provided was the delicious Pontchartrain Pilsner from the Covington Brewhouse.


The women kicked off the excitement with their heat. The Varsity Vinos (Diane Weiss, Jenny Peters, Jessica, and Jane) took first place with an 8:00 minute finish. The ladies set the pace with the beer chugging. One gal chugged her beer in about 4 seconds! Go ladies!

Next up was the Mixed teams. Mother Nature was not favoring our heat and the rain commenced. Seven teams competed including my team: Two Short of a Six Pack. Jason Schock (pictured below in the black shorts) started out the race for our team.


Jason took the lead and Allison Bodet was up next. She absolutely dominated the beer chug in about 5 seconds.


Allison gained a solid lead and passed the figurative baton to me. I was hoping my college beer guzzling days would aid me but that was over ten years ago. I did ok, not great, but I chugged my beer down. We were still in first and by this time it was pouring raining.


We were still in first after I finished my lap. Our anchor, JenaDiliberto, chugged down her beer and was off. We won first with a time of 7:00 flat. Our team voted 6:59 because it sounds better.


The last heat was the Men’s race with five teams competing. The race was fast and intense. First and second place came down to just a few seconds with the Varsity Voltz (including Jeff Genusa) taking first and The New Orleans Power Milers (including Mark Berger) taking second. The winning times were somewhere in the 5 minute range.


The award ceremony was held in front of the Brewery. The top three teams in each category were rewarded with prizes from Varsity Sports and Covington Brewery.

The post race party was held at the Columbia Street Tap Room. The Tap Room provided salad, buffalo wings, catfish, and quesadillas. Maple Street Bakery of Abita Springs made a beautiful cake to celebrate Varsity Sports’ Mandeville’s 7th Birthday. All of the runners sang Happy Birthday to Varsity Sports to celebrate.


Thanks to Jenny Peters, Diane Weiss, Bud Weiss, Ryan Green, Varsity Sports, Maple Street Bakery, Covington Brewhouse, and The Columbia Street Tap Room for a great event! The consensus among the runners is we want to make this an annual event!!!

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