Tchoupitoulas Barathon

May 19, 2015 | Comment


The 34th annual Tchoupitoulas Barathon was held Friday in Uptown New Orleans. The event tagline is “6 miles, 6 bars, 6 beers,” which is pretty self-explanatory.

I participated in this event for this first time in 2007 and did it again in 2008 and 2010. While some run this event for time and awards, I learned on my first venture that this race is best done slow, steady, and inebriated.

After some pre-race grub at Dat Dog my friend, Erica…….or should I say one half of our superhero team, Robin, and I arrived at Le Bon Temps for the race start. The crowd was large and spilling out of the bar into the streets. Usually pre-race rituals consist of hydrating with water, stretching, and a warm up jog. Not here. Beer drinking, laughing, pictures, and more drinking were the warm up.


Erica and I had our warm-up beers and made our way to the starting line. From here on out we will be referred to as Batman and Robin, see pictures.


The start whistle rang out and runners began chugging their first beer. We were on our way down Camp Street to Bar #2. The runners were loud, rowdy, and excited.

Stop #2 took us to Reginelli’s at Magazine and State St. Volunteers handed beers to the runners and the faster/serious runners took off. We mingled for a moment with the Care Bears, yes men dressed as the loveable 80s characters, then made the long trek across Audubon Park to bar #3.


We arrived at stop #3, T.J. Quills. Robin managed to injure her leg but some tasty beer got her right back in the game.


The route from stop #3 to #4 was the longest stretch. Barathoners were spread out now so we found a few runners to follow to the next stop.


Stop #4 was at Patois. We met up with a friend and had more than our required one beer a stop. Bonus points?


Stop #5, Dos Jefes, was right around the corner. Anyone who was running for time was long gone at this point and the stragglers were thoroughly enjoying themselves.


Finally we arrived at stop #6, Grits. This stop is always our Achilles heel or shall I say black hole. We usually spend no less than an hour here. We stay so late in fact that by time we get to the finish line at Le Bon Temps, the clock is already packed away. It would have been easy to get “stuck” here like many Barathoners , but we soldiered on……and our husbands were waiting.


We made it to the finish line in 2:03:00. A new record, well an only record, since we never saw the clock before.


We found the husbands, got our Barathon finisher koozie, and enjoyed post race refreshments.


I’m still not sure how the award ceremony works but some cool gator trophies were given out.


Robin and I located a photo booth inside Le Bon Temps and ended the night with some photos.


I was a fun, humid, booze filled race that could only happen in New Orleans. Holy Barathon Batman!


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