Summer Series June Bride Run

June 26, 2014 | Comment


Yesterday Varsity Sports Mandeville hosted the second Summer Series 2 miler “June Bride.” Participants were encouraged to dress in their best wedding garb for great prizes from Asics. The race was also a Hot 100 event earning runners 5 big points.

Race day started out rough. I was getting off of a 12 hour shift and we just switched back to dayshift so you can imagine the peach I had been all day. At 5pm I was on hour 19 of being awake. In addition to that I had been suffering from a bout of food poisoning. I was determined, however, to earn my precious Hot 100 points.

I made it to the race early so I could earn an additional 3 Hot 100 points for volunteering. It was a crapshoot if the wedding, I mean race, would even go on because of the weather rolling in. The weather was so bad over the lake that the Causeway was even shut down.

We continued to register participants as we constantly checked the radar on our smart phones. These runners are tough though because they kept showing up decked out in there bridal attire even in the rain.


All of the brides and grooms patiently waited around dodging the rain drops as the race director made the final call that we would indeed be going to the chapel, the 2 mile run that is.


At 6:30 we began the 2 mile. I was beyond exhausted and trying to keep my footing on the wet cement was not an easy task. Surprisingly my long veil and garter did not hinder me but I felt bad for the ladies that were wearing full wedding dresses. I heard one lady behind me yell, “Help my dress is falling off of my boobs.” Silly runners.

While we were on the course we were passed by motorists probably just getting home from work. I was trying to imagine what they were thinking as they saw about a hundred people dressed as brides, grooms, and priests running the streets of Mandeville in the rain. Silly runners indeed. We are a special breed.

We were rained on for the entirety of the course but at least the weather was cool……that is what I kept telling myself. I definitely knew this would not be a fast race for me but my one goal was to break at least a 15:00 2 mile. I dug deep and finished in 14:51. Not bad for this sleep deprived bride.

The post race party featured Abita Beer, Michelob Ultra, and pizza. Present sponsors included Asics and Jones Physical Therapy. The award ceremony had a twist. Instead of awarding the top runners the most fashionable brides and grooms were awarded with Asics socks, backpacks, and shoes for the grand prize winners.


The Varsity Sports Summer Series continues Wednesday July 9 and the theme for the next run is “Shirtless Shakedown” presented by Newton. For more information go to

I will be taking a break from races this weekend and the husband and I are heading the Beau Rivage for some much need rest and relaxation. Until next time!

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