Spring Break

April 13, 2014 | Comment


French Quarter Fest, Strawberry Fest, Irish Italian Parade……….yeah I did none of those. I have been working non-stop and even on my days off from work I work details. This is my Spring Break….woo!

After my last race, Race 4 The Fallen, I have been busy. The husband and I decided to add, yet again, to our yard. We did some landscaping and added a pergola over the hot tub. This meant working in the yard before my 12 hour shifts, after my 12 hour shifts, and on days off. Pictured below is the final product of our hard work.


Needless to say I had little time to run….in fact I took a whole week off from running. I had originally planned to do the Woolmarket Duathlon, 5K and 11 mile bike, with a friend last weekend. I was going to borrow a bike, even though I don’t bike…ever, but I was pumped. After work, details, two days at the gun range, and all of the yard work I was done by the time I was off of work on Friday.

I NEVER back out from a race but my body was begging me to. I did the smart thing, relaxed, and slept in. I felt guilty for missing the opportunity to race on my weekend off but I gave myself a break. I decided, however, biking will be in my future. I will be looking into purchasing a bike this fall and I will join the world of biking! Stay tuned.

After a week off I ran on Tuesday. I decided to get three miles in before work. I ran at what I thought was a easy to medium pace but I ended up finishing at 24:30 which is a fast training pace for me. So the time off probably helped. Yay for Spring Break!

Next up is the Crescent City Classic Saturday. My goal is to break my PR of 48:57 and to place in the top 500 females. The course is usually slow around the first mile because of people not starting where they should. Hopefully the new closed corral system will alleviate this. Anyone else running the Classic? What is your goal?

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