Race Updates….Finally!!!

October 19, 2015 | Comment


My site has been under construction for the past month while I switched servers. NolaRunGirl is finally back!


Not only was my site out of commission, I was for a while as well. I woke one morning last month and attempted to get out of bed. I fell down and struggled to get back up. I was so dizzy I was actually nauseous. I tried to go back to sleep but the dizziness got so bad that I couldn’t even open my eyes. One E.R. trip later I was diagnosed with Vertigo. It was a miserable experience…way worse than kidney stones. After two days I was able to focus enough to watch television and look at my cell phone. After five days I was able to get a light jog in.


The next weekend I was feeling a lot better and decided I would try the Q50 Kanine Run with my pup, Spike. The course was 1.5 miles on the trails in Fontainebleau Park. Spike made sure to let everyone know he was present and barked for the whole first quarter mile of the race. Finally, after embarrassing me enough, we got to a good pace of about nine minutes per mile. Spike decided he had enough ten feet before the finish line and walked to the finish. It was good enough for first place and a time of 14:30. We won some treats and a bone trophy. The race was a little difficult to get through for me and I was a little shaky, but I felt fine afterwards.


A week later I participated in the Stone Creek 5K. The first mile was tough to get through because I was having trouble focusing on what was in front of me. My eyes felt like they were bouncing and my vision was blurry at times. I managed to stay in first place until the last half mile. I did not have the energy to pick up the pace and finished in 3rd place for 24:15. It was my first time visiting Stone Creek and I was very impressed with the facilities and the after party.


My next race was the Kiwanis 5K held on the first weekend of this month. We were finally blessed with Fall temperatures which made the run a lot more bearable than the previous week. I am still working on building my speed back to where it used to be so my pace stayed around the 7:30 per mile mark. I finished 4th overall for 23:55. I was happy to break 24 minutes but I am still at least a minute off my usual 5K pace. I won my age group and received a gift certificate to the Beach House, yum! My running group, The 15th Street Flyers, were well represented with overall and age group awards. The post race party included refreshments provided by La Provence, Smoothie King, and Starbucks.


I took last week off from racing and started to get some longer runs in. I am doing better with balance and focus but I don’t have the endurance to run beyond four miles without stopping yet. I plan on attempting a half-marathon this season so I will have to be patient and work hard.

Friday night the annual .1K, yes you read that right, was held at Barley Oak in Mandeville. The course spanned a half block and participants wore everything from running clothes to jeans to heels. The race for “non-runners” kicked off the Gulf Coast Half Marathon weekend.


Saturday I ran the Rock the Road 5K in Slidell. We had lovely Fall temperatures again but it was very windy since we were right by Lake Pontchartrain. I started off strong at a sub 7:00 pace. Once we turned onto the main road we were running right into the wind. I slowed to a 7:35 pace for the first mile. I kept about the same pace for the rest of the race. The course was a little longer than a 5K so I finished 3.17 miles in 24:19. I was not thrilled with my time but the wind was brutal. It was still good enough for first place. The awards ceremony was held inside the Northshore Harbor Center, where a health expo was being held. For first place in the 5K I won $50.00 and a $75.00 gift card to Run N Tri. Since I was in the area I visited Run N Tri and got a new pair of Brooks running shoes.


Next up for me is the Washington Parish Fair 5K in Franklinton, LA this Saturday. Until next time!


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