Quadburners Series Race #1: Frosted Fanny

February 23, 2016 | Comment



Last year my running friend told me about a great new road race series on the Mississippi Coast called the Quad Burners Series. I signed up for the last race of the series, the Halloween Hustle, and ran the race with her. I was super impressed with the course, race loot, after party, and the spectacular medal. Participants received a medal after each event. The four medals interlocked to make one giant medal…..Wow! In my twenty years of running I had never seen anything like this. Check out a picture of last year’s series medal and this year’s series medal below.


As luck would I have it I am off for all five of this year’s Quad Burners races! I decided to do the whole series with some running friends.


Saturday was the first race, Frosted Fanny. The race had two options: 4 mile run or the Duathlon which consisted of a 2 mile run, 10.5 mile bike, and a 2 mile run. I don’t own a bike so I opted for the 4 mile race.


I was expecting to literally have a frosted fanny since it is the middle of winter. Well……the usual unpredictable southern weather showed up and my fanny was a sweaty fanny since the temperature at the race start was a humid 70 degrees. Good thing I opted for a short sleeve shirt.


I lost the last series race and course record by seven seconds so I wanted to make sure I got a good head start this time. I powered through the first mile and finished in 7:10. I was in first and feeling good.

The heat started to creep in on mile 2. I slowed down a bit to 7:39 for the mile 2 turnaround. I was still in first but second place was less than a minute behind me.

At mile 3 I was sweating, wanted to quit, and was kicking myself for going out too fast. The out and back beach front course offered no shade and the heat, for this time of the year, was brutal. I played the mental game of picking out landmarks to “make it to” which seemed to help. I finished mile 3 in 8:05, still in first.

At the mile 4 start I had to stop at the water station because I was dehydrated. I usually never stop with a mile to go. I saw second was further behind than before. I think the heat was affecting everyone.


I pushed through the last mile for a split of 8:15………but I was not done. The course was a tenth of a mile longer than four miles. I finished 4.10 miles in 31:55 good for first place overall.

I was happy to win but I was also going for the course record. My 4 mile time was 31:05 which would have gotten it but since the course was long it was no good. Oh well, next time.

Water was first on my agenda and the temperature was now almost 80 degrees. I waited for my running friend to finish and we headed to the after party.


The post race party was held at the Washington Street Pavilion on the beach. Abita Beer was present and had the season’s first batch of Abita Strawberry on tap. Refreshments included fruit topped French toast, bacon, and yogurt parfaits.


After the duathletes finished it was award time. I got a Frosted Fanny winter hat for first place.


The loot for this race, and the series in general, is amazing. Since I registered early I got a Frosted Fanny zipped hooded sweatshirt in addition to the long sleeve shirt. I can’t forget about the unique medal as well.


Quad Burners Race #2 is May 28 in Bay St. Louis, MS. The theme is “It Takes Two.” The relay race is for teams of two. Each member runs 4 miles. Besides the usual swag, Quad Burners is making custom bibs with your team name as well as a pair of cow bells with your team name for early registrants. I can’t express my excitement! As for our team name……it is awesome and 1990s themed. Stay tuned!


Next up for me is the Our Lady of the Lake Half Marathon in Baton Rouge on March 6. Until next time!


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