Quadburners It Takes Two Relay

May 31, 2016 | Comment


The Quadburners race series consists of 5 races held throughout the year. Participants earn a medal for each race completed which makes one giant medal.


This is the second year of the race series. I only got to participate in one race last year but my goal is to complete all of the races this year. I competed in Race #1: Frosted Fanny back in February and actually won 1st!


Race #2: It Takes Two Relay was held Saturday evening in Bay St. Louis, MS. The name of the game was to find a partner and each run 4 miles. The team total time would be counted for awards. The three categories were male team, female team, and mixed team.

My usual race buddy Misti agreed to be my partner and team 2Legit2Quit was born! Misti even made us these awesome running jerseys.


The forecast for race evening had been sunny but on our way to the race is was raining and lightning. The rain tapered off once we got to the race site but the clouds in the distance did not look good.


We picked up our race bibs and swag and decided I would be the first leg.

This race always has the best goodies. We got the race shirt in addition to a cow bell to cheer on our partner, a light up baton to run with, and personalized race bibs.


The rain clouds off the gulf did bring in a nice breeze and cooler temperatures for the start. I grabbed my light up baton and was ready to begin. At that moment I realized I left my Ipod in the bag my husband was holding. *Gasp* I spotted him right as the race horn went off…..so “naked” running it was.


I had no expected time I wanted to pace at. I was coming off of the Fallen Officer 5K two weeks ago with slight heat exhaustion. I decided to see how I felt and go from there.

I used the cool breeze to my advantage and tried to keep pace with the female in front of me (she was in 1st, I was 2nd). I finished the first mile in 7:20.

I slowed down some in the second mile as the breeze started to drop off and finished in 8:10


After the turnaround I was able to see the other runners coming towards me and realized I was the only moron that ran with the giant light up stick. Geez.

Mile 3 proved to be the toughest as the sun and heat started creeping back in. The 1st place female dropped back and I was now in 1st. I finished mile 3 in 7:55.

I still felt pretty good going into mile 4 and knew I could push myself more but I held back a little out of fear of getting overheated again. The 1st place girl caught back up to me and we paced each other until the end.


I finished my 4 miles in 31:00. I high fived Misti and she began the second 4 mile leg.

I got my race medal, koozie, and headed straight for the Abita Strawberry. After refueling I headed back out to the course with my cowbell to cheer on Misti as she finished.


We cooled down and headed to the post race festivities. Abita Beer had Abita Strawberry and IPA and Savory Roots provided BBQ sliders. Yum!


The awards ceremony was held after all of the participants finished. The top 15 teams in each category were awarded custom metal race batons. Team 2Legit2Quit won 5th place female team!!!!



To say we were excited was an understatement.


We met up with another runner buddy, Janel, who was also on a winning team.


All of this winning called for a post race celebration at the nearby Buoy’s Restaurant on the Bay. We enjoyed the gorgeous sunset, delicious cocktails, and runner talk.


The next Quadburners race, Race #3 Hot Pursuit, will take place July 9 in Bay St Louis. To register visit http://www.quadburners.com/

I am still deciding on my race for June but join me at Hot Pursuit as well as the annual 15th Street Flyers Four on the Fourth race held Jul 4. Until next time!

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