New Year Update

January 16, 2015 | Comment

While everyone is deep into their 2015 resolutions, I am still trying to get back on track from 2014. The dog bite followed by the month-long flu killed my running and waistline.

It has been an uphill battle to get my race times back to where they were. I have done a few 5Ks since the summer but my times have been one to two minutes slower than my usual race pace. My half marathon time for the Las Vegas Half was embarrassing: sixteen minutes off of my personal record from just a year ago. I do have to give myself a break because I had the flu at the time but I did not know it yet. Since the Vegas Half I have not ran a race. This is shocking for me because I have ran at least one race a month for the past twenty years! I am getting back on track though. I will be doing a 10K this weekend, a half marathon next weekend, and a 5K the week after. Whew!

On top of my slower times I have gained some unwanted friends in the form of pounds. I have never weighed this much in my life. I’m surprised my scale is intact considering how many times I have wanted to throw it against the wall. Yeah my regular clothes still fit but I can now retire my size small running shorts. My thighs look like they are eating the front of my shorts when I run. Sigh. My thighs are and have always been my problem area and where my weight goes.

I was hoping my healthy eating would substitute for my lack of running but it hasn’t. I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app to my cell phone and I have been keeping track of what I eat daily. I am doing well staying on the 1300 calorie a day plan, but sugar is still my weakness. I am slowly trying to fix that.

So I did something three weeks ago I thought I would never do in my lifetime….I joined a gym. The flupocolypse was over and I needed motivation in the form of group fitness classes with an instructor barking at me. It has been an interesting few weeks of sore muscles I did not know I had. After my first “Body Pump” class I couldn’t lift my arms to brush my hair and after my first “Body Attack” class I hobbled around like an eighty year old cowboy for several days. The class I am enjoying the most is Studio Cycling. I am doing surprisingly well.

I am seeing some results already and I feel stronger. My running times are dropping as well. I decided to use my body measurements to track my progress instead of my weight. As for my scale….we broke up.

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