My first race as a Mrs……in Hawaii!

November 18, 2013 | Comment


The morning did not start off well. It had stormed all night on the island of Oahu so I was not even sure if the race was still going on.

We were in Hawaii for our honeymoon and I planned on doing the Surfriders 5K in the town of Kailua, roughly 45 miles from our resort. The race actually started at 7:00am which is a lot earlier than we start our races in Louisiana.

I got up at 4:30am, which was ungodly enough, especially being on vacation. However I didn’t mind since there is nothing like race day. I left the parking lot of the resort around 5:15am and began my travel down the east side of the island. Unfortunately I was turned around after 10 miles because the road was flooded from the 30 foot waves. Bummer.

I turned around and started flirting with the idea of going back to the resort and crawling back into that big, warm, king size bed. I checked my Scout GPS application to see how long the other route would take and it put me arriving at 7:05am, 5 minutes after the race start.

I decided to go for it. If I did not make it on time at least I could get my shirt, watch the race, then do a run on my own.

The drive there was quite an adventure. It was still dark out and I was driving our rental Jeep for the first time. The drive wasn’t too bad until I hit the mountains and had to drive through a tunnel. As soon as I got out of the H3 tunnel it put me on the East side of the mountains. The interstate is elevated in the middle of the mountains at this point. A huge gust of wind came and almost lifted the Jeep off the ground. I thought I was going to have to change my pants.

I made it to the race site at 6:58am. I jogged to the registration table and got my number and time chip. I left my jacket and car keys with the race people and ran downhill to the starting line. By time I got to the starting line the gun went off. I did not even have time to put on my race number so I ran with it in my hand.

The adrenaline from nearly missing the start made up for the lack of stretching and warming up. Although the adrenaline wore off when I had to conquer my first hill.

The race for the most part was

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