Loyola Cross-country Invitational

September 9, 2014 | Comment


The 6th annual Loyola Wolfpack Cross-country Invitational was held Saturday at Lafreniere Park in Metairie, LA. The events of the day included the Women’s and Men’s collegiate 5K and high school races. The schools represented included Loyola University, Xavier University, Southeastern University, and Dillard University.

The Wolfpack Cross-country alumni were invited to participate in the meet for the fourth time. We were represented by Sean Fitzwilliam (2000) on the men’s side and Stephanie Legleu Crews (2002), Bethany Comboy Bordelon (2002), Catherine Baggett Passantino (2003), and myself Becky Kramer White (2004) on the women’s side.


As you all know I was bit by a dog while running a few weeks ago and I have not ran at all. I had no intentions of participating in this race at all but I chose to go to cheer on my fellow alumni. I didn’t even wear my Garmin or bring my spikes. In runner terms that means I was not prepared at all.

It was a hot and humid morning and the grass was soaked in dew. I decided to do a warm up run with my teammates to see if I could even run. I managed to keep up with them but I was winded from just a mile warm-up. Not to mention my shoes and socks were completely soaked from the wet grass.

I started bargaining with myself at this point about how I wouldn’t run, then I would run and drop out if I needed too, then I would run and finish but probably be last.

It was race time and somehow I found myself on the starting line. How did that happen? The race began and I just tried to keep up with the crowd. I had no idea what pace or distance I was running since I was without my precious Garmin.

I started out last and managed to pass a few girls. That was enough to give me a confidence boost considering I am on average 12 years older than these college girls. Even though my leg was not hurting, the hills and exhaustion were taking a toll on me.

My final time was 24:41, good for 23rd out of 27 runners. My teammates did amazing. Crews made the coveted top ten with a time of 22:00, 9th place overall. Bordelon came in 11th with a time of 22:10 and Passantino was 12th with a time of 22:13.

On the men’s side Fitzwilliam was 3rd overall with a time of 15:41.


We had a great time catching up with each other and talking to the current Loyola runners. We look forward to putting together an even larger team next year. Wolfpack!!!


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