Injury Update

September 18, 2014 | Comment


The above picture is worth a thousand words and directly expresses how I have felt the past few weeks. It will be a month tomorrow since a random pooch decided to use my leg as a chew toy. This is my first real running injury even though it is not the traditional type.

In the first few days my main concern was “losing” the half-marathon mileage I had worked so hard for all summer. I was also super jealous of everyone running in my neighborhood and my social media pals posting about their races. I was not even worried about the chunk of my leg missing and the nasty scar I will probably have to live with. I just wanted to run.


I did not run at ALL the first two weeks. I did not start walking without a limp until week two. I randomly participated in a college cross-country meet, complete with dreadful hills, right at the two week injury mark. Maybe it was the adrenaline, maybe it was my former teammates egging me on…but I squeezed out a 24:40 5K complete with gauze and bandages wrapped around my leg. I put this accomplishment in the win column for me against the injury.

Week three felt like I took a few steps back. I set out to run three miles but within the first few steps I knew that was not going to happen. With every stride I could feel the hole in my leg jiggling around like a slice of jello,¬†for lack of a better analogy. It wasn’t necessarily painful but it was uncomfortable. I think this caused me to run with a different gait and I gave myself some nice shin splints on the¬†injured leg. I completed one mile and shook it off.

The next night I set out again and managed to painfully make it to two miles. I was beyond frustrated because I knew I had two half marathons coming up and I was running two miles at an almost ten minute pace. When I got home I skipped the water and went straight for the pinot grigio.

I took a few days off of running and just focused on cross-training. In the meantime the open wound started to scab up and the nerve damage I suffered seemed to be diminishing.

On Tuesday I set out with the goal of three miles again. I could feel the wound for about the first quarter mile but the pain went away. I finished with an 8:30 pace and started to feel like my old self. Today I ran four miles and I felt great.


I will still be running the Gulf Coast Half Marathon in one month. As I blogged about before I will be running the entire 13.1 miles in police uniform to raise money for the Special Olympics. If you would like to donate go to Make sure to write Officer White Mandeville Police on your donation. You can also mail donations to:

1000 East Morris Avenue
Hammond, LA 70403

I hope to see you guys out there. I will need all of the support I can get.

Lastly I booked my trip to Las Vegas today. I will be running the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon in November. I am super excited to complete this bucket race.

Have you ever been injured? How long did it take you to get back running?

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