Frosty Kroc Run

January 11, 2016 | Comment


My husband and I took a trip to the Mississippi gulf coast this weekend so he could participate in a slot tournament at the Beau Rivage Casino. I decided to take advantage of our time here and run a local race, The Frosty Kroc Run.


Instead of our usual stay at the Beau Rivage we ventured a few miles down the street for our first stay at the Golden Nugget Casino. This made my morning trip to the race start easy since all I had to do was walk downstairs.

On race morning I quickly realized this race would not be as easy or convenient as I thought. My sleep schedule had been all over the place this week since I just switched from night shift to day shift at work. I fell asleep easily at 11:00pm with the help of a full belly from the casino buffet. I woke up, however, at 2:30am and could not get back to sleep. Thanks night shift.

On top of lack of sleep I had been fighting a respiratory infection all week which had me feeling blah to say the least. I knew rain was possible but when I checked the weather all I could see was a radar map full thunderstorms.

I laid in bed secretly wishing for a race cancellation but, alas, the event Facebook page said the race was still on. I dragged my tired, sick self out of my warm, dry hotel bed and got dressed.


Ugly would be the best word to describe the race site. It was pouring raining and cold. I felt bad for the race volunteers who were huddled together under a flimsy tent trying to avoid the rain and wind. I picked up my packet and headed right back into the casino.


Normally I would spend my time before a race warming up and stretching, not this time. I hung out in Starbucks trying to stay warm and dry until 10 minutes before the race.

At gun time the rain had slacked off somewhat, but I was already a miserable sack of hot mess with completely soaked shoes and socks.


The rain did not bother me much for the first quarter mile which took us from the parking lot onto the Biloxi Bay Bridge. It was then I realized I had completely forgotten we were running over a bridge for this race. If I had remembered this there would have been a greater chance of me staying in that warm, dry hotel bed.

On top of fighting the bridge incline I also had to deal with 25mph wind gusts driving rain drop daggers into my face and eyes. Usually I save the dramatic internal monologues of “why do I sign up and pay for this torture” for much later in the race but it came before the mile 1 mark this time.

Mile 1 ended at the crest of the bridge and my time was 8:09. This was a slow pace for me but I did not care at this point. Mile 2 took us back over the bridge, barf, and back towards the casino. I finished mile 2 in 8:33.

The only silver lining I could find in the last mile, besides being the last mile, was the wind was at my back and no more uphill. I picked up the pace and finished the 5K, actual distance was 3.26 miles, in 26:33.


After a quick cool down it was back to waiting around in the rain for the 10K runners to finish. Finally and hour later it was award time. I finished second overall and first in my age group.


I grabbed my medal and headed back to my room dreaming of dry clothes and a hot shower. Unfortunately it was past check out time so I had to drive the hour home before that magical hot shower. Apologies to my husband for having to sit next to me for that drive.


Kudos to the race staff and volunteers for putting on a great and successful race in the unfortunate conditions they were dealt.

Next up for me is the Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon in New York City on Sunday January 24. Until next time!



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