Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon……or not

January 26, 2016 | Comment


This weekend my husband and I took a trip to New York to visit my friend and to celebrate the big 34. I had been to New York before but never in the winter. I was beyond excited to compete in my first New York Road Runners race, The Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon.

We arrived to New York on Thursday welcomed by beautiful blue skies and crisp temperatures. Friday was a bit colder and overcast. The news channels were warning of a big snow storm, but I was going to believe it when I saw it. My husband seemed to be concerned so we found a local sports store and bought winter boots and thermals.


We were staying in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood with my friend and ventured out to some local bars Friday night. The night started off clear but by the time we walked back home there was a blanket of six inches of snow covering the ground.


When we woke up Saturday morning the city was covered in a foot of snow and it was only picking up. The city government ordered the streets and businesses to close. Then the emails started pouring in from my airline that my Sunday flight was cancelled.


The worse email was from the NYRR that my race was cancelled. I have never had a race cancelled before. Bummer.

We were stuck inside until Sunday morning. The sun was finally out and the blizzard brought in an astonishing 27 inches of snow. It was a sight to see for this southern gal.


The NYRR offered runners the chance to stop in the store Monday morning to pick up their race hat and medal. I was fine with picking up the hat but the medal? I did not do anything to deserve that medal.

I decided I would do my own mini race in Central Park yesterday morning and “earn” my medal. Just getting to the Park was an adventure since the streets were still a mess. When I finally arrived I had the choice of paved road or snow packed trail……..snow it was!

I ran a few miles and took it all in. I had never run in snow before or seen such sights. I couldn’t help but take pictures of the scenery and stare at the people cross-country skiing and snowshoeing past me.


After my run I made my way to the NYRR Annex and picked up my hat and well deserved medal.


Having my race cancelled was a disappointment but I made the best of it and had a great time. I look forward to returning to New York one day in the future to run…….but probably in the summer. Until next time!

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