Four on the Fourth

July 8, 2016 | Comment


Monday, July 4, was the 17th annual Four on the Fourth run presented by the 15th Street Flyers. The four mile race is held every year on the morning of July 4 at Hubie  Gallagher Park in Covington, LA.

I woke up bright and early so I could volunteer and help out my fellow 15th Street Flyers. I got to work the data table this year. It was cool to see the electronic side of putting on a race.


Race start was an early 7:30am and I made my way to the starting line. It was getting warm but the starting line and pre race  set up was in the shade so it was not too bad.

The course was altered again this year due to the bridge still under construction and a portion of the road being washed away during the flood a few months ago.

As the race started I was happy to see we were running in the shade for the most part. I tried to stick with some of the faster female runners and finished the first mile in 7:22.


The fast pack pulled away during mile 2 and I was by myself for a while. I finished in 7:48.


At the turnaround I could see another pack of females not far behind so I did my best to push on. Mile 3 got hot and I started to slow down, finishing in 8:13. Any hopes of sub 30 minute 4 miler and/or a personal record were out of the window.


Mile 4 was just putting one foot in front of the other and trying to not get passed. Well I did get passed but I did out sprint someone at the finish line.

I finished the four mile race in 31:38. A ways off from a PR, but I was satisfied.


I met up with my running buddies, old and new, and enjoyed some post race refreshments. Michelob Ultra, Abita Beer, watermelon, and jambalaya were provided.


The unique thing about this race is 1st and 4th are awarded. I was 3rd in my age group so no award for me.


I finished the morning, or so I thought, watching fun post race contests such as donut eating, push ups, and hula hooping.


I was about to leave when I was held captive, not really, to participate in the Budweiser Beer Mile. I have never participated in my five years of doing this race. Since it was a relay and I only had to chug one beer I was in.

I opted to go second and pleasantly surprised myself with how fast I chugged my beer. By the was this beer mile is hardcore and we used full cans, not cups.


I cheered on my teammates and laughed at the people puking on the sidelines. Our team finished in 9:07.


Four on the Fourth is always a great time and look forward to running again next year.

Up next for me is Quadburners race #3, Hot Pursuit, tomorrow morning in Bay St. Louis, MS. Until next time!




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