Crescent City Classic 2015


The 37th annual Crescent City Classic weekend started off with the Expo Thursday and Friday. The new location was held at the Hyatt Hotel. My husband and I checked into out hotel for the weekend and headed to the Expo Friday afternoon.


It was crowded but very organized. The race number pick up was fast and simple. We strolled by all the booths and enjoyed Blue Runner Beans and Michelob Ultra.


I woke up bright and early Saturday morning eager to walk to the race site from my hotel. I changed into my new running gear I got earlier in the week from Varsity Sports Mandeville. Thanks Nicole!

I met up with my running buddy in the lobby of my hotel. As soon as I walked outside I was in for a big surprise. The weather was drastically different from the warm, sunny afternoon we just had the day before. It was windy, cool, and raining. My sleeveless top and shorts were not doing much for me.

Luckily we were able to hitch a ride and get dropped off right in front of Champions Square. We were cold and wet but made the best of it and got some pre-race pictures.


We were directed to the dome upper level this year to get to our corrals. This was better organized than last year and the upper level offered a view of all the corrals. I easily made it to Corral D and waited in the drizzle for the start.

The first mile was a little crowded. The ground was wet from the rain and I took a spill at the first turn. I was lucky to have a stranger running behind me that quickly picked me up before I was trampled.

I still managed to keep a 7:30 pace as we turned onto Esplanade Ave. and into mile 2. We got a break from the rain as we headed into mile 3. I slowed down to a 7:50 pace but was still hanging on at mile 4.

Mile 5 took us into City Park. I slowed down a little more but was still keeping a sub 8 minute pace.

The crowds and wind, ugh, picked up as we hit mile 6 and entered into the final stretch. I finished in 49:30.


My time was about a minute off of my PR of 48:28, which I set last year at the CCC. I probably could have ran faster but I don’t think I would have set a PR. I was still happy with my time.

Of course the rain greeted me at the finish line and the temperatures felt cooler. My husband forgot my gear bag at the hotel so I was left with what I had on: a rain soaked sleeveless shirt.

Since I am such a girl scout at heart I was prepared. I packed my credit card and some cash in my Spibelt, which I wore throughout the race. I checked out the merchandise tent and purchased a long sleeve CCC shirt. $40:00: boo. Being warm: yay!

Next I checked out the results table which had several laptops set up for finishers to check their time and place. I came in 235th for the women, good enough for a poster. Woo hoo!


I grabbed some Michelob Ultra and met up with my friends and running group. We had a blast at the post race festival.


The Crescent City Classic was a great race this year and I was very happy with the new improvements. We stayed another night at our hotel and made it a weekend affair. We met up with friends and ate at some great local restaurants.



Until next time!

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