Court Chase 5K

September 18, 2013 | Comment


The 15th Street Flyers hosted the Court Chase 5K benefitting the Youth Services Bureau this past Saturday. The race was held at the Covington Trailhead.

I have been in the middle of training for the Gulf Coast Half Marathon and my new shoes I bought to train in have not been so pleasant. I have been getting blister on top of blister on the bottom of my left foot in between my big toe and the next toe. I have never had this issue before so I have to assume it is the shoes. However, monster blister aside, I decided to do the 5K.

The weather has been unseasonably hot for September and it was muggy and humid at the beginning of the race. I did not start off as fast as I have been lately, 6:44 first mile at the Saints 5K, because I slow down so much in the second mile. I ran about a 7:04 first mile and stayed around 7:29 for miles 2 and three. I started to feel the monster blister after mile 2 but hung on until the finish.

Surprisingly I got 1st for females and finished in 22:54. I won a nice oil painting with the race logo. I also won a door prize, $40 gift certificate to a local hair salon. Score!

Overall it was a nice Saturday evening race with a great turnout. It was great to have my fiance there supporting me and to see my fellow 15th Street Flyers.

I am hoping with cooler weather right around the corner I will be able to improve my 5K time. My PR still stands at 22:12 which I set in 2003 at a college cross-country meet. I have come close to breaking it a few times recently but I hope to break 22 minutes this Fall. Stay Tuned.





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