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May 1, 2014 | Comment


Congrats to the Huey P. Long Bridge Run contest winners: Kady Collier, Adrianne Bieller, and Erica Svoboda!!! Each of these ladies won an entry to the race Saturday. Here is my interview with the winners.

When did you start running?:

Kady: I started running about 3 years ago. I actually hated running when I was in school and would hide behind a tree in the school yard in PE instead of running.

Adrianne: I ran track in grade school. Sprinting is what I did best, any distance running didn’t come until much later.

Erica: Right before my freshman year in high school I started training for the Archbishop Hannan High School Cross Country team.

What made you get into running?

Kady: My friends were running races and I wanted to hang out with them. I started out walking and slowly worked my way up to running an entire race.

Adrianne:  I run because it is, by far, the best fat burning exercise around.

Erica: I think I just heard about the team and I was in. I really liked to get involved with everything, but running really turned into a passion of mine.

What is your favorite distance to race?

Kady: I like the 5k distance it is not too long but not too short.

Adrianne: I prefer to run 5K’s because previous injuries (not running related) make it difficult to run any further than that.

Erica: I would say 10k’s although I don’t run many of them. It is just the right distance.

What other sports/fitness activities do you do?

Kady: Recreational bike riding and circuit training classes.

Adrianne: I also incorporate weight training, Hiit, gymnastics/acrobats into my excerise program.

Erica: I like to bike recreationally, but I mainly run. Most recently took up running with my dog.

Have you ever done a bridge race?

Kady: This will be my first bridge race.

Adrianne: This is my first bridge race.

Erica: Only once. I did the Crescent City Connection race back when I was in high school.

What are you most excited about for the Huey P Long Run?

Kady: The feeling of making it to the top of the bridge and the beer after!

Adrianne:  I’m really looking forward to completing this new challenge!

Erica: I am excited for the challenge!




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