Biggest Loser Controversy? Eh Not Really.

February 6, 2014 | Comment


Rachel Fredrickson was crowned the winner of Biggest Loser Tuesday night. She started her journey 13 months ago at 260 pounds and finished at 105 pounds. Unfortunately her win has been overshadowed by controversy stating she is “too thin” or “lost the weight too fast” or looks “anorexic.”

First off I am going to address the people calling her anorexic. That is ignorant, disrespectful to her, and disrespectful to the thousands of people who are actually battling the disease. Just because someone is thin, or too thin for your taste, does not mean they have an eating disorder. Above I see a thin yet healthy woman. Would you call the lady in white next to her anorexic too? They look nearly the same size. Honestly the only thing I could even say I don’t like about Rachel is her “Madonna” arms. I think she could bulk up her arms with some muscles but that is my opinion. I’m not going to criticize her for that. I really think if she had more muscle in her arms people would not being calling her too thin. The rest of her body looks completely healthy.

Some people are saying she starved herself. Her diet was 1600 calories a day which is normal. My diet is 1300 calories a day. That is a healthy diet for someone of my frame.

Next I am going to address those who think she lost the weight too fast. Rachel lost 155 pounds in 13 months which equals 56 weeks roughly. Health experts state a healthy weight loss rate is 2-3 pounds a week. For example, 2.5 pounds a week multiplied by 56 weeks equals 140 pounds. This puts Rachel at losing 2.7 pounds a week. Healthy.

Rachel had an athletic body before she gained the weight and was a competitive swimmer. I have seen pictures of her before the weight gain and she looks similar to watch she looks like now.

I think people are being too critical and some, dare I say, are projecting there own feelings of insecurity and jealousy on her. We should celebrate the fact that this woman chose to get her life and health back. Her quality of life is going to better and if she maintains a healthy lifestyle she is going to live a lot longer then she would at 260 pounds.

Congrats to her.



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