Battleship 12K

November 17, 2015 | Comment


The inaugural Battleship 12K was held Sunday in Mobile, AL. The event was a patriotic run to honor our veterans and those that serve our country. The race partnered with organizations such as Boot Campaign, Team Red, White, and Blue, and the Mission 22 Team to raise funds and awareness for our veterans and military.

I was one of the lucky runners to score the registration opening day price of $12 back in April. I was super excited for this race because of the great cause and the chance to travel out of town to run with my runner friends. I booked a hotel so I could make a weekend out of it.

Between being super busy at work and traveling out of town for a wedding, this race snuck up on me. I realized on Monday that I was going to Mobile for the weekend and I had to do a 12K. I was so unprepared that I had to Google what the 12K distance was because I did not even know: 7.45 miles for those that are curious.

I have not ran over six miles since the Crescent City Classic in April, and I don’t think the six beer soaked miles from the Tchoupitoulas Barathon really count. I decided to wing it like I usually do every Fall with my first long distance race of the season.

My original plan was to drive to Mobile with my husband Saturday morning and have a relaxing day. Well life got in the way and my husband got stuck working all weekend. My mother graciously volunteered to accompany me after I mentioned the nearby outlet mall.

We did not make it to Mobile until 7:00pm, but we squeezed in our shopping and dinner time. Finally we checked into our hotel and I was asleep before the LSU game and Ronda Rousey fight was over. They both lost, bummer.

Race morning was absolutely gorgeous with plentiful sunshine and temperatures in the low 50s. I drove the half mile to the packet pick up site at the Courtyard Marriott on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. Since I was in shorts and freezing I opted to sit in my car with the heater on instead of warming up.


I used my last precious moments of heat to check out the race running shirt I just picked up. All pre registered runners names were listed on the back of the shirt. Check me out in the middle, pretty cool.


I finally made my way uphill to the starting line at 7:55 and was relieved to see the race start would be downhill. After the National Anthem we were off!


I had an absolutely zero game plan for this race since I have never run this distance and I have not been putting in the miles I should. With the help of the downhill start I finished the first mile in 7:30.

Miles 2 and 3 took us west on Hwy. 98. I couldn’t see much because the marsh grass obstructed our views of the bay. I was still maintaining a sub 8 minute pace so I was pleased. Mile 2: 745, mile 3: 7:59.

At mile 4 we could see the views of downtown Mobile and the Battleship in the distance. I slowed down a bit and was keeping a steady 8:20 pace.

While running mile 5 I realized I forgot to put Body Glide on (#bigthighproblems) and I could feel the chaffing, ouch. I soldiered on through mile 6 and into mile 7 maintaining an 8:20 pace.


We turned into the Battleship Park at the mile 7 marker. Volunteers were handing out mini American flags to the runners to carry to the finish line. It was exciting to run past the old military planes and tanks and to run next to the USS Alabama.


I finished in 1:01:49. I was tired and chaffed but happy with my time. Veterans and active military were at the finish line handing out medals to finishers. I was more than impressed with the medal which was gorgeous and depicted the USS Alabama.


I greeted my Mom at the finish area and met up with my running club, the 15th Street Flyers.


Gulfsport Timing was on hand to print out immediate results. I finished 65th overall for men and women and 4th in my age group (30-34). Later on my way home I would find out I actually got 3rd in my age group. Hooray!


After mingling with fellow runners, taking pictures with the Battleship Instagram sign, and warming up with Community Coffee we headed to the shuttle bus to take us back to the start area.


I met up with my fellow runners at Felix’s Fish House on Mobile Bay for a much deserved lunch…..and cocktail.


This event was an A plus production and I look forward to running again next year. Next up for me is the Mississippi Coast half marathon next weekend.


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