2016 Recap, 2017 Goals

December 26, 2016 | Comment


Another year and another pair of running shoes have come and gone. 2016 had some running highs and some running lows, but overall it was a good year.

My high point and low point of the year happened to be only 3 weeks apart. Coming off of a brutally hot summer, my training was not where it should have been coming into the Gulf Coast Half Marathon in mid October. On top of being unprepared I got sick the week of the race. I felt like death after running a 5K the day before and knew the 13.1 miles would be tough. Well, it was. I seriously entertained the thought of quitting the race during the first few miles. Everything hurt and I was mentally broken down. I refused to quit and took the race mile by mile. I did finish but was not thrilled with my time. I promised myself I would train harder and prepare more for my next half marathon. I did, and finished the Stennis Space Center Half Marathon a few weeks later taking almost four minutes off my GCHM time.

My high point of the year was the Battleship 12K in Mobile, AL in November. Since the Gulf Coast Half Marathon I was getting in my long runs and some speed work. The morning of the race I did not let my poor performance three weeks before get into my head. I started out strong and finished strong. I set a 12K record that day and even set a 10K record during the race. I was beyond thrilled. The icing on the cake was winning my age group.

Here are my 2016 stats:

Best 2 miler: 15:25 (not a race)

Best 5K: 22:57 Shamrock Run


Best 4 mile: 30:12 Halloween Hustle


Best 10K: 47:50 Battleship 12K (PR)


Best 12K: 57:54 Battleship 12K (PR)


Best Half Marathon: 1:55:35 Stennis Space Center Half Marathon


Best Beer Mile: 10:40 (PR)



5Ks: 8

4 milers: 5

10Ks: 3

12Ks: 1

Half Marathons: 2

Beer Mile: 1

20 races total and 3 personal records, I consider that a good year.

Looking forward to 2017 I would like to run at least 3 half marathons and set a PR. My current PR is 1:49:30. This is my hardest race so I am committing to putting the work in to make it happen. Since I run so many 4 milers with the Quadburners Series, my second goal is to break my current PR, 30:05, and break the 30 minute mark. My last goal is either a 10K PR (47:50) or a 5K PR (22:12).

Next up for me is the Mississippi Blues Marathon in Jackson, MS on January 6. It will be my first race of 2017 and my last race in the 30-34 age group. Until next time!

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