19:00 5K?

September 24, 2013 | Comment

Yes I completed a 19:00 5K tonight, but it is not what you think. I dusted off my inline skates I bought a decade ago and decided to try some skating.

I made the spur of the moment decision to try skating because I still had energy after my Brazilian Butt Lift workout….don’t judge me it really works. I was surprised how fluid I was on the skates after all of these years. I still had some obstacles to face in the form of rocks, nails, and sand traps since we still have new construction going on in our neighborhood. I only tripped once but there was no one around to see it at 11:00pm thankfully.

The whole time I skated I kept looking at my Garmin watch to see what kind of pace I was at. At one point I was skating along at a 4:42 pace per mile but averaged out to a 6:08 pace. How I wish I could run that fast. It was nice to feel what the fast runners felt like for a change. Here is a link to my Garmin result:


Overall it was a fun experience and I am going to add it to my cross-training.



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