100 Days of Summer

June 11, 2014 | Comment


The cold days of Winter and the lovely Spring days are gone. 90 degrees, over 100 degree heat index, humidity that makes you feel like you are trying to breathe with a plastic bag over your head……Louisiana summer is here kids. Three words: I HATE IT.

While some of you were whining about the “icepacolyspe” and the “artic blast” that hit the area a few months ago I was relishing in it, literally. I would patiently wait gazing out of the window for the sleet/ice/wintry mix to start then I was out the door for a run. How I miss those days. I also promised to backhand the first person who complained about the heat or posted an annoying dashboard temperature picture once the summer started……you know who you are and it is coming.

I got to enjoy my last cool run about three weeks ago when my police department ran the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run. I look forward to this race every year because all of the proceeds benefit the Special Olympics athletes and it is a great bonding experience for officers. This was my first run representing the Mandeville Police Department and I managed to recruit 15 of my co-workers. We had a great time and ran with the Covington Police Department, St. Tammany Sheriff’s Office, Probation & Parole, and the Louisiana State Troopers.


Running and sweating it out in the summer heat has been rough but I signed up for the Varsity Sports Hot 100 Challenge to make it more interesting. This is the second year Varsity Sports has put on the challenge. You can earn points over the course of 100 days. The goal is to get 100 points then you can win prizes such as Varsity Sports gift cards, Northface jackets, and Oakley sunglasses. The top point earner will win a bike! All three Varsity Sports stores (Mandeville, Baton Rouge, New Orleans) are participating and hosting events. The events range from local races, paddle boarding, kickboxing classes, dog strolls, high heel runs, and the list goes on and on.

I earned about 26 points so far. I have participated in some local races and I joined the dog stroll in Mandeville.


The most intense Hot 100 challenge to date has been kickboxing at the UFC Gym in Mandeville. The hour long class incorporated punching and kicking a bag. Our “breaks” consisted of burpees, squats, and push-ups. It was hard but fun. I definitely used muscles I did not know I had because I was walking funny for a few days after.


I am excited about the rest of the summer and trying some new Hot 100 challenges. For more information visit http://www.varsityrunning.com/varsity-sports-presents-hot-100-days-summer-challenge/

Next up for me is my first double race weekend in a long time. First is the Run To Remember 5K Saturday at Terra Bella Village in Covington, LA. Some of my co-workers and I are running this race to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project. This course is always one of my favorites because it is half road race, half trail race. To register go to http://getwellatdynamic.com/a-run-to-remember/

On Sunday I am running the NOTC Father’s Day 2 miler. This is another great course. The race takes you around Audubon Park twice. It is a fast course. My best time for any 2 mile in the past 14 years has been 14:07, let’s see if I can break that. This race is also a big 10 points for the Hot 100, score!

Where are you racing this weekend? Anyone participating in the Hot 100?

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